Chronic Stress & Trauma


This workshop will demonstrate how you can become more adept at recognising, understanding and dealing with one of the most problematic and challenging conditions you will face as professionals - Chronic Stress & Trauma.

The information you will receive here will help you become more successful at enabling you and your clients to deal better with this condition and as a result, you will feel more competent, professional and fulfilled.

Background Information

Since early 1990's brain-imaging tools have shown us what happens inside the brains of traumatised people. It affects mind, brain and body.

"Trauma results in a fundamental reorganisation of the way mind and body manage perceptions.
It changes not only how we think and what we think about but also our very capacity to think."

Judith Herman (1992) Trauma and Recovery

You will be amazed and inspired by discovering how our remarkable ability to both heal and harm ourselves arises from the same internal coping mechanisms.

You will learn how our internal physically lower limbic system, which rules emotions, can hijack the higher mental functions, including the neocortex when it needs to.

Specific areas covered in the workshop include
  • What is chronic stress and where does it come from?
  • The importance of the Fight/Flight/Freeze Response
  • The parts of the brain involved in Chronic Stress and Trauma
  • How Secure & Insecure Attachment contribute to Chronic Stress & Trauma
  • Understanding how our memory works in relation to Chronic Stress & Trauma
  • Implications for the helping professions
This workshop will appeal to the following professions

Social workers, counsellors, psychotherapists, bodyworkers, life coaches, nurses, occupational therapists, teachers, clergy, speech therapists, and those with a general interest in Chronic Stress & Trauma.

About the facilitator

Patrick Gallagher has been working as a Psychotherapist/Trainer for 28 years, specialising in the field of Trauma and Chronic Stress. He has worked in Scotland, Ireland, and Finland delivering training in such forums as the University of EdinburghUniversity of Strathclyde, Glasgow and the University of Oulu, Finland. 

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DATE: Monday 29 MAY 2017

TIME:9.30AM - 12.30PM

COST: £50



7 Victoria Terrace

Edinburgh EH1 2JL