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New Quiz on Money & Happiness

I have recently been on holidays and, as usual, seeing that scarce resource, money, get even scarcer. It set me thinking about the effect money has on my happiness and the relationship between the two. So I did some digging and I have devised a new quiz that helps you discover new information about how and whether money really does make you happy.
It contains some amazing facts that will help increase your awareness of the link between money and happiness. Good luck!


A. Which of these emotions can help you resist impulse buying?

  1. Joy
  2. Fear
  3. Calmness
  4. Gratitude

B. Happiness comes from

  1. A higher income
  2. Higher education
  3. A large bank account
  4. Respect & admiration from others


C. How can you spend money so that it increases your happiness and wellbeing?

  1.  Spend carefully and frugally
  2. Spend in a way that fits with your personality type
  3. Spend a lot but occasionally
  4. Let others do the spending


D. Money can buy you happiness as long as you spend it on – 

  1. Therapy
  2. Chocolate
  3. Clothes
  4. A massage

E. What is the one attitude that makes all humans happy?

  1. Become more introvert
  2. Acting like an extrovert — even if you are an introvert
  3. Stay true to yourself
  4. Be more carefree

F. One of the best ways to boost your mood is

  1. Being kind to yourself
  2. Taking a holiday
  3. Going on a spending binge
  4. Being kind to others


G. What smell has the greatest effect on how much people spend in a restaurant?

  1. The smell of food
  2. The smell of Lemon
  3. The smell of Lavender
  4. The smell of people


End of quiz

Answers to follow



A. 4 (DeSteno et al., 2014)
B. 4 (Anderson et al., 2012)
C. 2  (Matz et al., 2016)
D. 1 (Boyce & Wood, 2009)
E. 2 (Ching et al., 2014)
F. 4 (Nelson et al., 2016)
G.3 (Gueguen, N., & Petr, C. 2006)





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