Person-Centred Counselling

What is Person-Centred Counselling and How Does It Help?

The Person-Centred Approach is based on the simple belief that we all possess an innate ability to grow and develop in a positive direction. However, we also have a basic need for love and acceptance and this need is particularly important in childhood when our dependence on our primary caretaker is so strong. When conditions are attached to the love we receive, then we begin to form a self that conforms to the conditions and we move away from a more authentic way of being. We begin to live for others and not for ourselves.

As a Person-Centred therapist, I seek to redress this imbalance by building a particular kind of professional relationship with you. My stance is of an open-minded enquirer who passes no judgement or censure on what you talk about. My concern, rather, is to understand you and the context in which you live and have lived. My focus will be on you, the person, and not the problem.
I offer no analysis or interpretation of what I hear as I believe it is only you who can fully define your own experience. The continuous and consistent experience of this kind of relationship creates a safe enough environment that allows you, the client, to risk deeper disclosure and, ultimately, to experience a liberating emergence into a fuller, richer way of life.

I will not choose your goals for you but instead help you to define and clarify your own goals. Your goals will probably change as you progress through counselling.
A successful outcome of our therapy will produce the following

·         You become more open to experience

·         You learn to trust yourself

·         You stay in tune with a positive new direction in your life

What Sort of Problems are helped by Person-Centred Counselling?

Many things can affect your sense of personal well-being and ability to cope: the following are some examples:

  • You may be having relationship or family difficulties
  • Perhaps you are struggling with feelings of anger, sadness or depression
  • You may be experiencing a life-crises arising out of a sudden change in your life circumstances
  • You may be living with a long-term emotional health problem yourself or caring for someone else in this situation


When are Sessions Available and For How Long?

Sessions for Person Centred Therapy are available on during the week and evenings. They usually last one hour and are held weekly. Appropriate times can be negotiated in the initial meeting.

Is Person-Centred Therapy also available Online?

Yes, you can also receive Online Counseling, using either Skype or Zoom. Detailed instructions on how to use both will be provided for each new client. Information on confidentiality, the cancellation policy and what happens during the first session will also be supplied.

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