Laying the Foundation:

Stage One of Recovery from Trauma

Stabilizing and Regulating Trauma Symptoms


”No trauma therapy can, or should, take place in the absence of a
developed, secure relationship between client and therapist.”
Babette Rothschild, (2000) The Body Remembers

Background Information 

Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to build up a safe, trusting relationship with clients who have experienced trauma?  This initial stage of recovery is not only challenging but it is also fundamental to effective treatment. Manage this stage of therapy well and you have given both the relationship and your client a strong and enduring foundation for recovery. However, if this stage is mismanaged or rushed, then your client will disappear, literally or figuratively. The risk of re-traumatization is also increased.

Equip Yourself  with New Tools and Techniques

This workshop will equip you with the skills and a knowledge base to meet the two main goals of Stage 1 Recovery: (1) to establish a safe therapeutic relationship and (2) to stabilize the client or alleviate symptoms. You will have an opportunity to watch and practise the following – the stabilization phase, providing psychoeducation, control and relaxation techniques, and how to regulate trauma symptoms. You will work in small groups, practicing the skills demonstrated and receiving feedback on your practice.

Specific areas covered in the workshop include
  • Therapeutic Relationship
  • Stabilization Techniques
  • Psychoeducation
  • Dissociation & Grounding
  • Relaxation and breathing exercises
  • Controlling Re-experiences

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This workshop will appeal to the following professions 

Social workers, counsellors, psychotherapists, body workers, physiotherapists, life coaches, doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, teachers, clergy, speech therapists, and those with a general interest in Chronic Stress & Trauma. 

About the facilitators 

Patrick Gallagher has been working as a Psychotherapist/Trainer for 28 years, specialising in the field of Trauma and Chronic Stress. He has worked in Scotland, Ireland, and Finland delivering training in such forums as the University of Edinburgh, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow and University of Oulu, Finland. 

Susanna Heliste is a qualified physiotherapist who has trained in movement therapy and counselling. She has extensive experience of working with body/mind interactions, incorporating yoga, T‘ai-chi and Chi Gung into her practice.

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DATE: 19 MARCH 2018
TIME: 10AM – 4PM
COST: £100