Recovery from Chronic Stress & Trauma


 This full day workshop will introduce you to some of the most effective ways of dealing with Chronic Stress and Trauma. You will learn about, and experience, new healing approaches that deal with the core issue of Trauma – how to restore the proper balance between the rational and emotional brains, so that you can feel in charge of how you respond and how you conduct your life.

Background Information 

”Until these fragments are re-integrated into a unitary whole and translated into a
personal narrative the trauma remains unhealed.”
Journal of Traumatic Stress (1995)

Understanding why you feel a certain way does not change how you feel. No matter how much insight and understanding we develop, the rational brain is basically impotent to talk the emotional brain out of its own reality. If we want to change post-traumatic reactions, we have to find ways of working that engage the entire organism, body, mind and brain.
This workshop will provide opportunities to learn about, and experience, ways of living safely and comfortably in the present rather than reliving and re-experiencing old traumas from the past.

Specific areas covered in the workshop include
  • The Brain, Body and Mind Connection
  • Preparation for Recovery
  • Reconnecting with our body
  • Dealing with flashbacks
  • Reconciling forgiveness and shame
  • Living Trauma Free
This workshop will appeal to the following professions 

Social workers, counsellors, psychotherapists, body workers, physiotherapists, life coaches, doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, teachers, clergy, speech therapists, and those with a general interest in Chronic Stress & Trauma. 

About the facilitators 

Patrick Gallagher has been working as a Psychotherapist/Trainer for 28 years, specialising in the field of Trauma and Chronic Stress. He has worked in Scotland, Ireland, and Finland delivering training in such forums as the University of Edinburgh, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow and University of Oulu, Finland. 

Susanna Heliste is a qualified physiotherapist who has trained in movement therapy and counselling. She has extensive experience of working with body/mind interactions, incorporating yoga, T‘ai-chi and Chi Gung into her practice.

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DATE: Monday 30 OCT 2017

TIME:9.30AM - 4.30PM

COST: £100



7 Victoria Terrace

Edinburgh EH1 2JL