What are the aims of Supervision? 

 Supervision aims to: 

 Support, Develop & Monitor 

 My function as supervisor is to: 
  • Encourage “the autonomy of the practitioner within safe boundaries”  
  • Provide a relationship and process that will enable the practitioner to develop their own way of working effectively with clients 

Why do we need supervision? 

  •  A protective mechanism against burnout and stress 
  • Enhances competence and skills development 
  • Safeguards the welfare of clients by monitoring ethical and professional practice 
  • Enhances self awareness in the supervisee and develops the 'internal supervisor' 

What are the responsibilities of supervision? 

 Both supervisor and supervisee carry responsibilities in supervision. Individual responsibilities are explained below:-   

As supervisee, I take responsibility for: 
  • identifying practice issues with which I need help and asking for time to deal with these
  • becoming increasingly able to share these issues freely 
  • identifying and communicating the kind of response which is useful for me 
  •  becoming more aware of my own organisational  contracts and their implications 
  •   being open to others' feedback 
  •  developing the ability to discriminate what feedback is useful 
  •  noticing when I justify, explain or defend before listening to feedback. 
  •  noticing, seeking feedback and reflecting on the way I compete or advise in the group 
 As supervisor I take responsibility for 
  •  fostering a climate of mutual respect, empathic understanding and honesty 
  •  encouraging mutual support of each other and renewing ideas and ideals 
  •  ensuring enough space for each of us to present clients and issues in our own way; and monitoring that the time is used equitably 
  •  giving clear feedback, and where asked for, or where I judge it be be appropriate, giving advice or information and sharing my experience. 
  •  challenging practice I judge to be unethical, unwise or incompetent 
  •   being aware of the organizational contracts we are in 
  •  ensuring regular reviews of the work of the group and the development of us as individuals 
  •  supporting our development as peer supervisors 


How do I prepare for supervision? 

When getting ready for supervision, it can be useful to reflect on the following questions:- 

  •  Are there any crisis/emergency issues you need to talk about? 
  • Are there any themes emerging for you in your overall work with clients you would like to review in supervision? 
  • Are there any organisational/training areas you want to talk about in supervision? 
  • What do you want from this session of supervision? For yourself, your clients, your learning? 
  • Are there any areas of the supervisory contract you want to review/renegotiate? 

I offer

  • Individual supervision to practising counsellors, working both in private practice and within organisations
  • Also supervision of trainee counsellors on Counselling Diploma courses
  • Group and individual supervision to voluntary organizations in the mental health field and general work practice

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